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QUDL Quick Unlimited Domain Lookup is a services designed by 040Hosting for quick unlimited lookups of domain availability, due to the nature of the lookup service the outcome of availability may not always be 100% correct (i.e. when domains are just registered or a registry does not allow certain names to be registered, in case of a new gTLD some registries have premium domains selected which may show as free in this check but are not available to be registered for the prices in our portal, unfortunately there is no way to verify this directly with this tool) after the domain is shown as available you may directly register it with 040Hosting; A new direct lookup is then performed by our system and provides you with the current pricing. The design of QUDL is made in such a way that unlimited requests can be done at any registry with a near 100% accuracy.

040Hosting can register and manage the following TLD's for you ...
.nl .com .net .org .info .eu .be .biz .name .mobi .de .nu .co.uk .org.uk .me.uk .fi .fr .gr .es .it .lu .ie .no .dk .se .me .at .sk .si .pl .lv .com.lv .net.lv .pro .us .tv .cn .ac .tk .cc .ws .ag .am .bz .gs .in .co.in .io .jp .la .ms .ru .sc .sg .sh .tc .tw .com.tw .vg .asia .ch .li .tel .co .mx .com.mx .org.mx .lc .com.lc .net.lc .org.lc .xxx .gy .im .mg .kr .com.ar .wf .yt .tf .pm .re .co.za .ac.nz .co.nz .geek.nz .gen.nz .net.nz .org.nz .school.nz .biz.pl .com.pl .org.pl .info.pl .net.pl .ca .cat .my .com.my .org.my .net.my .com.sa .net.sa .org.sa .pub.sa .bike .camera .clothing .equipment .estate .gallery .graphics .guru .holdings .lighting .photography .plumbing .singles .ventures .construction .contractors .directory .kitchen .land .technology .today .cab .careers .company .diamonds .domains .enterprises .limo .photos .recipes .shoes .club .tips .agency .center .education .email .sexy .exposed .gift .gratis .institute .international .jetz .management .ninja .reisen .report .schule .solutions